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Dino Pet Review

As you may well be aware of, children desire pets from early ages. They see other people walking and playing with their dogs, their friends from school show pictures of their pets, so it’s only natural for them to also crave for companionship.

Dino Pet
interesting object that will fascinate you or/and your child
filled with thousands of non-toxic Marine Plankton called Dinoflagellates
Bioluminescent dinoflagellates will emit natural blue light at NIGHT when SHAKEN in the DARK

But there is this thing that happens when it comes to children…they get bored very fast. So what will happen with the pet? It will become your responsibility, and you don’t have the necessary time. So what do you do? You buy your child a pet, but not the conventional one. You purchase a Dino Pet.

What is a Dino Pet?

Dino Pet is the ideal pet for your child. It doesn’t shed fur, it does not need walking, you don’t have to take it to the veterinarian, and you don’t have to pay very much for food. The best part is that it will keep your child amazed and he or she will not get bored.

So…what is it? The creatures that form Dino Pet are bioluminescent plankton called dinoflagellates. Their name together with the fact that the aquarium in which they come is in the shape of a dinosaur, lead to the title of Dino Pet.

The ‘toy’ was put together by a company named BioPop. Their original thought was to create a source of light that does not relies on batteries. However, the plankton required too much attention and intervention to produce a practical source of light, but they realized it makes a great toy, either for children as a pet or for grown-ups to put it on their desk.

How does it work?

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The Dino Pet does not work, so to speak. The dinoflagellates are what make the aquarium turn to that beautiful shade of sparkling blue. The idea is to feed them and properly take care of them, so when you shake the aquarium at night, they will light up. There is no proof that the light is a sign of distress as a consequence to the shaking, but it looks stunning when you do it.

It is a great science project for children because it teaches them the use of photosynthesis to stimulate bioluminescence in dinoflagellates. However, don’t think that this just happens. The small creatures need feeding and regular care to produce the beautiful lights. They absorb the light of the sun during the day, and when you stimulate them (give them a good shake) at night, they will enkindle.

When you order the Dino Pet, you will receive a pouch of Dino Pet food and a set of instructions on how to take care of the bioluminescent creatures. The aquarium comes partly empty because you need to add the Dino Food. Once the liquid reaches the dino’s head, you place it in indirect sunlight to charge. It will take a few days until it’s ready to glow, but it is worth the wait. If you do this right, you will observe how the dinoflagellates will shine in flashes if they are stimulated. It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch. Your child will be amazed.

Very important: Do not keep the Dino Pet in direct sunlight. That will almost certainly kill them. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Benefits of Dino Pet

As you may realize by know, Dino Pet comes with a lot of advantages. You have never had and will never have a pet so low maintenance as this one.

  • ü It’s all natural – it’s nice to see how you can achieve such a beautiful lighting effect without any batteries or without plugging it in. The dinoflagellates produce that light naturally, as a result of external stimulation. As long as you feed them and provide the right amount of light, they will enkindle when you give them a proper shake.
  • ü It’s the ideal pet – it doesn’t make noise, you don’t have to take it out for a walk, and if your kid gets bored with it, you don’t get stuck with an immense responsibility. That’s what usually happens. The child gets bored with the puppy so mommy and daddy must take him out, feed him and clean up after him. But Dino Pet does not require so much attention as a conventional pet.
  • ü It represents an amazing and cool science lesson – Dino Pet provides the perfect opportunity for you to teach your child about how bioluminescence works. You can teach children how the use of water, nutrients, and sunlight can reproduce a phenomenon that it is very rare in nature. And it can all happen in their palms. People travel thousands of miles to see this happening in nature (places like the Maldives, Puerto Rico, or Australia). The fact that this phenomenon can happen right in your home is amazing.
  • ü Low maintenance – Dino Pet is not the conventional aquarium. It does not need cleaning. It’s not like a furry pet. You don’t have vet bills, you don’t have to pay very much for food, it doesn’t leave fur on the furniture, and many other issues that come with a typical pet. The dinoflagellates just need to be fed once a few weeks, and that is it. Just open the belly, pour some of the liquid out so you can make room for the food, and then add the food. That’s pretty much it.
  • ü Dinoflagellates live a very long time – if you take care of them properly, they will honor them with their presence for years to come. They consistently reproduce so they will keep the colony going. Also, you can start a new colony. When you feed the dinoflagellates, you have to pour some of the liquid out. With the liquid, some of them will go out too (a lot of them actually.) So you can pour the liquid into a new container and let the creatures reproduce. With the proper care, you can do this indefinitely.

Common complaints

There is no such thing as a perfect product, but Dino Pet has been improved since it first came out. There were a few complaints, but very few of them were the product’s fault. People forget that Dino Pet does require care, even if it’s scarce. Yes, you must feed it once a month, but it also matters where you put it. Here are the most common complaints received by BioPop.

The dinoflagellates are dead

This is one of the most common complaints about Dino Pet. Unsatisfied customers complained that their organisms arrived already dead, or they did not glow in the first month, which was construed as a sign of death. The aspect that they did not take into consideration is that dinoflagellates must be kept in strict temperatures. There are two possible scenarios. The first is that something has gone wrong during the delivery. Maybe the delivery company did not keep the Dino Pet in the required conditions. The second one involves the customer’s fault. Maybe he or she has left the Dino too much in the sun or in the cold.

In order to check if your organisms are alive when you receive them, simply shake the bag right there and then. If you see some bioluminescentactivity, then your dinoflagellates are alive. It does take about a month for them to shine, but there has to be a bit of activity. If by any chance, they are dead upon arrival, you can talk to customer support at BioPop, and they will send a Dino Pet Refill. The company takes pride in their customer support, so don’t worry that you will not get to talk to somebody.

Dino Pet has a short life span

When it first came out, it was indeed an issue with the life span of the dinoflagellates, but BioPop resolved the issue by making an improved formula of plankton and nutrients. Initial batches would last a few weeks before fading. But now, in order to keep your Dino Pet alive for a long time, all you have to do is feed the dinoflagellates regularly, keep them in indirect sunlight for as long as they need, and they will continue to reproduce.

What you need to know is that you have to provide them with food before their glow starts fading. Food will take up to two weeks to kick in. That basically means that if the light is starting to fade, it may already be too late to try and save them. So, for example, if you notice today that the dinoflagellates are dying and you feed them in order to keep them alive, in two weeks when the food will have an effect, the organisms will already be dead. So make sure to feed them on time. Always.

The dinoflagellates don’t shine bright enough

For some people, it will never be enough. Dino Pet is not a practical source of light. That is why the project started with an idea and finished with another. Some individuals get really excited at the smallest shine, but there are some who are not satisfied with the level of luminosity. But they forget that dinoflagellates go through photosynthesis to become bioluminescent. If they have a dim glow, it means that the organisms don’t get enough sunlight. So it’s the customer’s fault for his own dissatisfaction. Also, in the user’s manual, it says very clearly that before shaking the Dino Pet, it must be placed in complete darkness for at least half an hour.

Also, you can make your Dino Pet shine in a certain way, depending on how full the tank is.

Who is Dino Pet for?

I know I started by telling that Dino Pet is the ideal pet for children, but that does not mean it’s destined only for them. Yes, it’s a fantastic ‘toy,’ but you have to admit that Dino is kind of cool. I find it fascinating, and I am an adult. So Dino Pet was not created exclusively for children. Adults can be as amazed as children by this beautiful phenomenon.

Dino makes for a great desk toy. A lot of people buy it just for the sake of having it. Even as an adult you can take care of the dinoflagellates just for the satisfaction of shaking the tank a month later. Why not? You can even find gift packages. It makes for a great present. I know I would like it if I received it.

Keep in mind

I feel that I have to insist upon one thing. It’s a fact that some people do not understand and they believe they receive a faulty product. Dino Pet is not the kind of product you buy and use right after you take it out of the box. It requires some time to grow and reach a certain point in order for you to see actual results.

It will take about a month for you to see your Dino Pet shine bright. You have to feed it and keep it in the conditions the manual says, not otherwise. The room temperature in which you place your Dino Pet is very important. There are people who are not in the habit of reading the user’s manual, but in this case, it is crucial that you do. Otherwise, you will end up with dead organisms and blame BioPop.


The Dino Pet is an interesting object that will fascinate you or/and your child. Once you get the hang of it, you will become more and more absorbed by the way Dino works. Reproducing a natural phenomenon in the comfort of your home is amazing. Some people do not grasp the idea and underestimate the meaning of such a thing. But they shouldn’t. Dino Pet is the living proof that nature is breathtaking wherever you may put it. Click here to buy on Amazon

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